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People often ask about my inspirations and how I developed @the14thfactory. This is my story...


During chemo I still managed to put on one big show, assuming it would be my last. It was hard work to complete as had lost too much weight and had such low energy and was often in pain. But it was a very focused group of work.
SB - P14I1
For All The Trouble (2008)
SB - P14I2
For All The Fear (2008)
SB - P14I3
Emma Webster (2008)
The show was a combination of paintings, installation, and performance. 'This Brutal House'.
SB - P14I4
Opening night at exhibition 'The Brutal House'
It sold well, I think people thought I would die so the value would increase, last chance to get a Birch painting. The money funded my treatment. My health insurance wouldn't pay, bastards!
SB - P14I5
At The Brink of Death 1 - Self-portrait of Simon Birch during his cancer chemo days
SB - P14I6
At The Brink of Death 2 - Self-portrait of Simon Birch painted during his cancer chemo days
You'll note two self-portraits amongst the pictures, the only ones I've ever done. The fish tanks were an installation of a hundred Siamese fighting fish, they attack each other when out in the same tank. And there were people in costume and masks that would perform repetitive movements every few minutes.
SB - P14I7
Installation at exhibition 'The Brutal House'
SB - P14I8
Performance at the exhibition 'The Brutal House'
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