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People often ask about my inspirations and how I developed @the14thfactory. This is my story...


Story of The 14th Factory - Part 3
So, even with no solid venue or timeline was in place, production began for an approximately 100,000 sq.ft, multiple media, immersive experience. Independent and built from the ground up by collaboration, an art journey for an audience that would be quite different from any typically curated museum show or gallery paradigm.
SB - P25I1
Photography work by Wing Shya exhibited in The 14th Factory
In fact, the project is not really curated in the usual sense, as the work is not pre-existing and selected around a core theme, rather the project is made like a movie, a script fleshed out by artists, creatives, producers, location scouts, set designers, etc. So all the work is created to fit the framework from the ground up, so the entire exhibition becomes one huge, multi-faceted, work of art, with many artists sharing the credit.
SB - P25I2
Artwork by Li Wei showcased in The 14th Factory
It is one of the things I'm most grateful for, that all these people, and this extends far beyond just artists listed here, were happy and willing to give and energy to this crazy rollercoaster of a project and it is one of the things that keeps me motivated.
I have a huge obligation to deliver for that have helped me get this far and I won't ever give up until the new 14th Factory is realized and make everyone proud, and, hopefully, ensure that all involved over these many years benefit from the success of future projects.
SB - P25I3
Canadian artist Peter Yuill's participation in The 14th Factory
After all, what's the fun of being at the disco if you're the only one dancing.
SB - P25I4
Work by Scott Sporleder
Some of the artists involved as we developed installation, film, sculpture, design, photography.......;
Wing Shya, Stanley Wong, Peter Yuill, Movava Chen, Sara Tze, Doug Foster, Gary Gunn, Lilly Kwong, Cang Xin, Li Wei, Scott Carthy, Yang Zhi Chao, Scott Sporleder, Eric Hu, KplusK Architects, Penny Rimbaud, and many more. All gave their time freely at no cost. Their work highlighted in these images.
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