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People often ask about my inspirations and how I developed @the14thfactory. This is my story...


After my rave career failed I left the UK with about $50 in my pocket and ended up in Australia.
I worked odd jobs and met new people and embraced the outdoors. Surf, swim, rock climb, outback adventures. I found my BFF who was a rock climbing bum. He’s now a leading orthopaedic surgeon. He married a hippie model who is now an incredible force in medicine in the field of endocrinology. I'm godfather to their first son.
I managed to get back into the rave business, DJing and promoting, set up a DJ agency, toured Carl Cox and then Prodigy, and got to see every corner of the country. Did a lousy job.
SB - P5I1
On stage with The Prodigy
Partied with John Galliano, surfed with dolphins and sharks, lived in the wilderness, climbed all over the country, was asked to be a police informant against a bunch of drug dealers. I said no! And other wacky adventures....
I built a rock climbing gym, the biggest in Oz at the time. And I mean built literally, learning carpentry and metalwork on the job with the contractors. I was the proud owner and part builder of The Rockface and thought that would be my future, adventure sports entrepreneur but as usual, life had other plans.
SB - P5S2
Construction of Simon's rock climbing gym back in Australia
My visa ran out and I couldn't get the government to issue me an alternative, even as a business owner, and I was forced to leave it all behind.
I headed to Hong Kong in 1997, just before the British handed it back to the Chinese. Arrived with $50 in my pocket. Again.

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